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  • An accounting and stock program. Very suitable for personal business use, small shop….. etc.
  • A profissional database, designed for working on one database for many financial years.
  • A Sales and purchases Template bills with a possibility of designing and printing them as a desire.
  • Free training vedios for all events in the free release.
  • Full supporting for VAT tax.
  • Materials cost calculating way is a “the weighted average time”, within the inventory report there are the profits details and several filters.
  • Accounts chart tree with many levels.
  • A budget report and a final account report with profits and losses reports.
  • Automatic database backup.
  • A posibilty of adding unlimited materials.
  • Support barcode printing.
  • There are no hidden fees for using this program.
  • The program does not require internet connection to work after first activating of free license.
  • The free version supports to use only one computer and one database license.
  • Technical chat support directly through the program.
  • When your work grews up , The ability to upgrade to the paid version is avilable, simply you can continue working on the same entered data.


CS ERP Lite – The free edition is a Free accounting and stock program that support the management of small enterprises accounting.

  • Daily accounting entries for bank and cashbox registration.
  • Sales and purchases invoices with their returns, with the ability to print invoices according to the required design and size.
  • Accounting reports: entries movement, Account ledger, trial balance, budget report, statement of financial position, trading, profit and loss.
  • Stock reports: materials inventory – material movements with profits – materials VAT Movements report.
  • Professional report designer with the ability to print barcodes or export reports as a picture to send on WhatsApp.
  • All avilible entries has no limited for count of entries or till expiration date of useing the free version.
  • Works only on Windows operating system, for optimum performance, use Windows 10 with a Core i3 processor or higher and at least 4 GB RAM.

With every database template in the free version, there is one cash box document to balance every operation entered into the cash box account directly.
Do you also have a bank account? … Don't worry, there is a bank document for withdrawals and deposits in the same template as well.

1- Create a free account.

2- Confirm your email.

3- Activation code and downloads links will send directly to your email.